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Organic Cotton vs. Traditional Cotton

Cotton is the most widely used fiber in the world, but when cotton is grown using traditional methods it is exposed to numerous toxic chemicals and pesticides. These chemicals not only harm the environment, but also those who grow, process, or use cotton products. Toxic chemicals and pesticides also weaken the cotton fibers.

By growing cotton organically, the cotton fiber grows stronger because the plant must defend itself against pests naturally. Organically grown cotton is better for the environment and for anyone exposed to it.
Consumers often wonder if the higher cost of organically grown cotton is worth the extra money they have to pay. The answer is yes! Organically grown cotton has stronger fibers, producing products with longer durability versus the goods made from traditionally grown crops. By having products that are more durable, not only do you as the consumer save money, but the environment benefits from fewer toxins in the ground and air.

We are continuously exposed to toxins every day in almost all aspects of our lives.  To have clothing, linens and other personal use products that are toxin free is a very important  health  factor. By choosing organic products, you reduce the level of toxins your body is exposed to. A great way to do that is by using organic cotton products in your home.

When it comes to purchasing organic textile products, Are Naturals carries one of the finest selections of bedding, towels, robes and slippers available in today’s market. Are Naturals’ organic cotton products are made with natural or low-impact dyes and do not contain any chemicals or fertilizers, which are harmful to you and the environment. In order to surround yourself with true comfort, when bathing or relaxing, why not use organic products? They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also smooth and soft to the touch. Plus, organically grown products are durable and made to last.  

Bed sheets and Bed Linens

Did you know that we spend almost one-third of our lives in bed?  Why choose organic cotton bedding?  Pure cotton sheets are better than synthetic fibers or blends because they breathe better. At Are Naturals, our 100% organic cotton sheets are woven with the highest quality organic cotton yarn, making these sheets the softest material you will ever sleep on. Their high thread counts make them exceptionally smooth and relaxing.

 Available in a rainbow of colors, designs, and textures, Are Naturals organic cotton sheets are an excellent bedding choice for style and accent the décor of any room. All of our sheets are finished with elegant hems and deep pockets so they easily fit any style mattress. 

Whether you prefer the fresh crispness of percale, velvety smoothness of sateen, or the brushed softness of flannel, Are Naturals offers a variety of bedding styles. Perhaps you would prefer the texturally different diamond weave/ pin tucks or the t-shirt comfort of jersey. Are Naturals carries the styles of bed sheets that offer year round sleeping comfort for whatever your need may be.

No bed set is complete without coverings and pillows. Are Naturals offers a variety of Eco-friendly sleepers, such as warm woven blankets or fluffy duvets.  If you prefer something a little heavier, how about an all-cotton fabric/ cotton filled quilt?  Simply add one of Are Naturals’ many different 100% cotton pillows styles to complete your bedroom.

Bath Linens

When it comes to choosing bath towels, most of us want not only plush and soft, but also super absorbency. We all like to feel pampered in spa-style fashion. Are Naturals offers organic cotton towels  that are soft and absorbent, while still durable.

Are Naturals offers a selection of Eco-friendly towels that come in many colors and sizes. Whether you prefer a thick plush hand towel or a light quick drying washcloth, or decorative guest towels, we have a towel in every style, size, and color for your bathroom. With the premium quality of cotton used and finely crafted weaves, these towels are one of the best bath accessory investments due to their high quality durability.

For a truly Eco-friendly bath, why not add an organic cotton bath mat or shower curtain? Organic cotton bath mats are more absorbent than synthetic blends. Our natural hemp shower curtains not only last due to their excellent fiber structure, but also can be laundered easily, and can be used without the need for a shower liner.

Robes and Slippers

Nothing says relaxation and comfort better than a comfortable cotton robe and slippers.  Whether worn for warmth on a cool morning or for relaxing after a soothing bath at the end of the day, Are Naturals has organic cotton robes  in a style and color for everyone.  We offer different styles and fabric weights suitable for any climate. From the super plush and absorbency of high pile combed cotton, to the feather-light classic seersucker, our robes are designed for durability and long lasting comfort. For the luxurious feel of spa pampering, our 100% organic cotton robes are the perfect choice. These extra roomy organic cotton robes are available in both men and women’s sizes.

Whether you are pampering tired feet after a long day at work or keeping warm in the winter, Are Naturals’  organic plush cotton slippers are perfect for stylish foot comfort.  Available in styles such as, open toe, closed toe, and thong- are designed for both men and women. These relaxed easy on/ off designs offer cozy warmth and extra cushion for tired feet.  Designed with a durable polyester bottom for superior support, slippers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Organic Cotton Products at Are Naturals

If you are looking for the perfect choice of bed sheets, bed linens, towels, robes, and slippers for yourself or as the perfect gift, the organic cotton items selection offered by Are Naturals are designed to suit any taste, any life style and any décor. We strive to bring our customers the finest quality organic cotton products available. Remember, when you choose organic cotton, you not only help the environment around you, but you have a long lasting, Eco-friendly product that will stay looking fresh and clean.

Are Commitment

Are Naturals is committed to bringing you the finest quality personal and home eco-friendly products from top designers and artisans around the world. Our passion is finding products you will love while promoting sustainability and fair trade. We are also committed to giving our valued customers the personal service we think you deserve.


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