Shower Curtain Liners

I never used to think of my shower curtain as a health and environmental problem until I learned some alarming information about PVC and VOCs. My shower curtain was toxic! What made it so toxic?
Symple Stuff Microban Microfiber Fabric Single Shower Curtain Liner & Reviews | Wayfair
Well, let’s start at the beginning. Remember that smell when you opened the brand new plastic shower curtain or liner? It is the same smell that immediately brings back memories of blowing up beach balls and life rafts for the pool. Well, what you smell is polyvinyl chloride plastic otherwise known as PVC.
PVC—the same stuff that is used for plumbing—emits harmful chemicals called volatile organic chemicals or VOCs. But it’s middle name is organic! That’s healthy right? Wrong.
Some natural chemicals are harmful to our bodies, affecting us in ways that we don’t always see or even think about. VOCs can cause serious health problems. Here are just a few: damage to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord,) nosebleeds, skin rashes, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.
VOCs have become such an issue that the Center for Health, Environment and Justice did a study on exactly how many toxins (VOCs) were released into the air.
I was shocked when I read that 108 toxins were released from PVC over a period of 28 days. And for a real shocker, that statistic was without the heat and moisture of a bathroom. Researchers believe that heat would actually cause even more volatile organic chemicals to leak into the air. You can read about the dangers of PVC on their website at here.
Thankfully for you and I—there is a solution! PVC-free completely organic shower curtains. My favorite is our hemp shower curtain, made from the same tough, naturally mildew resistant fibers used in ships’ sails for hundreds of years. Ours is woven so tightly water runs off like the old PVC stuff but the natural mildew resistance allows it to dry better.
Cleaning is a breeze since it can be thrown right in the washing machine. Check it out here,  or see all our organic cotton shower curtains here. And have a relaxing, healthy shower.

Natural Materials for your little one: there really is no choice!

Have you read anything about Eco-friendly clothing for babies lately? Organic cotton, organic wool, and bamboo seem to be filling the blogosphere.  After doing some research and using the products myself, I have joined the Eco-friendly families who choose to use natural clothing for my baby.

Here are my top two choices for natural fibers for baby clothing:

1. Bamboo. The reason is simple. I love that organic bamboo is anti bacterial and anti fungal. All types of bacteria can populate on my baby’s bibs, and I had no idea. Let’s face it—babies spit-up, slobber, blow bubbles, and do all manner of things producing wet clothing. Bibs, onesies, t-shirts, and even cloth diapers are being made with bamboo because of its ability to absorb moisture. Since the moisture dries quickly, bacteria and fungus are less likely to plague my little one’s bibs, clothes, sheets and blankets. In addition, typically bamboo fibers are not produced using pesticides, making bamboo an excellent choice for me and my baby.

2. Organic cotton– I love cotton, always have. There is something about the breath-ability and lightness that has always appealed to me. BUT… did you know that about 1/3 pound of pesticide is used in making one T-shirt?!? Somehow this makes traditional cotton less appealing. Pesticides not only kill insects, but emit toxins into the cotton plant that even through processing will always be in the cotton fabric. Pesticides are not exactly what I want on my baby’s sensitive skin.  Organic cotton is not treated with pesticides or fertilizers, leaving it completely chemical and toxin – free for children and adults alike.

To me, the answer is simple. Organic clothing is better for the environment, better for me, and better for my baby’s health and happiness. With all of this said, you and I also have to be realistic…we may want to purchase all organic clothing for our family, especially our babies, but taking baby steps may be the best solution. At least it was for me. For our first child I had very few organic baby items. Now, with the anticipation of our fourth child, I am happy to say my Eco-friendly stash has grown just like our family has.

We would love to hear about the Eco-friendly items you already have for your little one, and how you have grown to love organic clothing for your baby. Below you will find a great collection of baby items to start your own stash. You can find an abundance of Eco-friendly baby clothing, accessories, and bedding at Are Naturals that you can feel good about buying, and to get you and your baby started on the path to becoming more Eco-friendly one baby step at a time.


Put it All Together – Feminine Touch

This week we are putting it all together for a light and feminine touch in your green bedroom. Featuring the Swiss dot collection, along with a hand-picked selection of eco-friendly decor to add the perfect feminine touch.

Made of 100% organic cotton, the Swiss duvet and Shams is light, soft, and feminine. When used with blends of additional textured bedding like the 220 organic cotton percale sheets, knit tie pillows and cross stitch decorative pillow, it lends a delicate texture and solid color that transforms any bedroom into a luxurious space.

The feminine purr of the rustic pouncing cat, and cascading recycled glass candle stands add a bit of architectural interest that pull it all together. The Swiss Dot robe makes this collection a beautiful wrap!

In the Mood for Lighting?

Candles can set the mood for many occasions. Many people identify candles with setting a romantic mood, or creating aromas, or blowing them out on your birthday, all of which are fairly legitimate reasons to break out the candles, but finding the right housing for your candle can set a mood all on its own.

The choices are generally pillar candles, taper candles and then you have the specialty candle, tea light candles or maybe even a floating candle. Many will head for the drawer of candles when a special occasion arises, and then begin the search for a candle holder, either coming up short or pulling out mom’s overly dramatic crystal candle holders from 1980. Obviously, this just will not do when you are simply wanting to make dinner a special occasion, especially when mom’s candle sticks are blocking your view to the mash potatoes, and the lovely faces of your family.

So what do you do? You can either forgo the candles all together; sadly putting candles you have been storing for what seems like forever back into the drawer, or you can find candle holders that will make your occasion so spectacular that even Martha Stewart would be envious.

Pillar candle holders –

Pillar candles are some of the most versatile candles when it comes to decorating a coffee table, dining table or when entertaining outdoors. The typical pillar candle plate can be a little boring, but adding a bit of natural foliage, fruit, shells, runners and other decorative accents can liven up an ordinary pillar candle, transforming it into a centerpiece for your table. Another option is a pillar stake candle holder. These are some of the simplest holders to use when decorating, and are available in a variety of styles, including the ability to incorporate fruits and vegetables within the candle holder itself.

4 Pcs Metal Taper aurum Candle Holders Pillar Candlestick Holder Easter Candle Holder Set for Home Decoration: Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan |

Tea Light Candles –

The ever popular tea light candle can be used alone, or within virtually any small glass to create a glowing effect throughout the home or outdoors. However, votive holders can create a stunning housing for tea lights and with the right votive, tea lights can become a tasteful display for entertaining, fireplaces, and romantic settings. Glass, and recycled glass votives tend to be the ideal choice, as glass will reflect the most light. Zion Judaica Quality Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 120 - Stark White: Home & Kitchen

Taper Candles –

When it comes to taper candle holders, the choices are infinite. So how do you choose? Selecting a taper candle holder that is specific to your taste or cohesive to your theme may be your best bet. Unique holders bring interest to the table, and can create a tasteful and subtle theme that is not too overwhelming for your guests.

Sterno Home Flameless Taper Candles, Set of 4 on Food52

I think it’s pretty clear that candles and their housing can to turn any occasion into a “special” occasion. But you are looking for candle holders that extraordinary? No problem, Are Naturals offers an Eco-friendly selection of candle holders made from a variety of materials like recycled glass, recycled metal and handmade candle holders that will become keepsakes your children will actually want to keep and use for years to come.

Top Natural Materials

When shopping for products that are made without chemicals or are manufactured in a way that is not damaging to the environment you may see words like: Natural, organic, Eco-friendly, green and environmentally conscious. What exactly are natural materials and why should we as consumers be concerned with them?

Any fiber or material that is derived from plants or animals and that is biodegradable is considered to be natural.  Here is a list of the most popular natural fibers:

  • Bamboo
  • Cotton
  • Wood
  • Jute
  • Hemp/ Jute/ Sisal
  • Wool


Bamboo  is an item with high tensile strength and flexibility. It is often used in some parts of Asia as scaffolding to support tall buildings where high winds and earth quakes are prevalent. In the past, bamboo has even been used to construct entire homes. It is long lasting, and durable, with an excellent natural sustainability quality.  In recent years viscose from bamboo has become more popular as a material that and can be found in bed linens, towels, and even clothing. It can be spun into smooth, durable yarns that produce long lasting, beautifully textured materials.


Some environmentally conscious consumers shop for organic cotton clothing, towels, bedding, and other household furnishings. Organic cotton bed linen is one of the most popular uses for organically grown cotton. As the popularity of living green increases, more Eco-friendly oriented consumers are realizing how comfortable it is to sleep on organic cotton sheets for year- round comfort. Organic cotton robes have long been used by spas for natural, plush comfort for their guests. Cotton is also used in batting for quilts, mattress pads, and pillows. When all natural 100% organic cotton is used, there is less chance of being exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals.


Wood fibers, while very durable and strong, are not as widely used as plant and animal fibers. But, wood fibers are one of the main sources of paper and house materials. Items such as plywood and fiber board are widely used in the construction of furniture and buildings.Wood fibers do not necessarily have to come from trees. Wood fibers can also be obtained from the stems and stalks of woody stemmed plants such as bamboo. Recycled paper can also be processed from wood fiber. This makes wood fiber a highly versatile source for material.


Hemp, jute, and sisal are most commonly used for rope and twine making. These plant based fibers are well known for their long lasting, high tensile durability.  These materials can also be made into cloth for such things as tarps, canvas, flooring, dartboards, and even mattresses.  These three materials are also often blended into industrial carpeting. Because of its durability, the blend of hemp/ jute/sisal helps carpet from being worn down quickly in high traffic areas. It also is also used for shower curtains because of its resistance to mildew and humidity, and drapery to create a natural and rustic feel throughout a home. There are also certain types of papers produced from these three products and the fibers have been manufactured into certain types of building materials. Some Eco-friendly clothing manufacturers have even begun making shirts and pants from these three plant based materials.


Wool is found in carpets, clothing, boots, sweaters, blankets, and even seat covers. Wool resists staining and also is a natural moisture repellant. Because of its low retention of static electricity, wool is often the main fiber used for carpets in high safety environments such as trains and aircraft. Wool blended garments are generally standard issue for military personnel, fire fighters, and others who work in an environment where there be an exposure to fire.

Sheep’s wool has been used for many years as clothing, boots, and blankets. But due to many people trying to become more environmentally aware, many green homes and commercial buildings have begun using it for insulation. The woolen fibers are spun into a thick felt like material and formed into rolls, much like traditional insulation, and placed between the joists of a home or office. The manufacture of wool insulation uses far less carbon dioxide than the making of traditional fiber glass insulation. One unique feature of sheep’s wool insulation is that it absorbs moisture without losing its insulation properties.

Wensleydale 4-Ply Wool (50g) | Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop

This means that when it absorbs moisture it gives off heat and when it releases moisture, it cools the surrounding area. It is a NATURAL choice for insulation not only because it is Eco-friendly, but in time will pay for itself in the reduction of heating and cooling bills.

Natural Materials

Natural materials may be initially expensive, but because of their long lasting durability, they save money in the long run since they do not have to be replaced as often. The use of natural materials reduces the environmental impact by lessening the use of chemicals that our bodies are exposed to.

Organic Materials

An even better way to be Eco-friendly is to use organic, natural materials. By building and insulating our homes and businesses with natural materials, we are being Eco-friendly and creating a sustainable environment that preserves the planet for future generations.  The more organic clothing, bedding, and household goods  consumers utilize,  their exposure to hazardous chemicals and need for new materials is reduced.  By shopping green, building green and living green-we all benefit.

Are Naturals recognizes the necessity of being environmentally responsible in the way we shop and the products we purchase for our homes and businesses.  By using natural materials for our clothing, bedding, furniture, and even insulating our homes, we  lessen our impact on the environment, not only today, but for future generations.

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Popular House Warming Gifts

Whether it’s a gift for the newlyweds’ first home, a college student’s first apartment, or someone moving into their first home or their tenth home, Are Naturals makes it easy to find a green house warming gift. We have everything from kitchen accessories to bed and bath linens, and Eco-friendly decorative items to brighten any room in the home.

Here at Are Naturals we have been providing our valued customers with the finest selections of Eco-friendly home products and gifts since 2006.

DIY Housewarming Basket: How to Create The Perfect Housewarming Gift

House Warming Gifts for the Kitchen

Are Naturals has products for the kitchen made from 100% recycled glass, natural fiber materials, lead-free pewter, zinc and cast iron. From measuring spoons to paper towel holders, and decorative wall hooks to dishware, we have something for any style kitchen. For storage of dried foods, pasta, and similar items, a recycled glass container is a perfect solution. A bottle/ glass dryer is both a decorative and functional kitchen accessory. A creatively sculptured paper towel holder is sure to become a conversation piece. Natural finish wooden cooking utensils, mixing bowls, jam pots, and butter dishes are welcome house warming gifts for any new home owner.

Entertaining & Dining House Warming Gifts

Serving a favorite vintage wine has never been easier than with a recycled glass wine decanter. Beautiful and functional, stoneware items are always popular house warming gifts. Are Naturals has three design lines of durable, hand-crafted, high-quality stoneware that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Our durable stoneware will make a beautiful addition to any table or kitchen. Uniquely crafted recycled glass dishes and beverage sets will add elegance to any dining setting.

Outdoor & Garden House Warming Gift Ideas

Finding outdoor gift ideas for the home is easy with Are Naturals’ collection of recycled glass bird feeders, decorative wall hangings, wind chimes, and sturdy wooden bowls and platters for al fresco dining. Outdoor dining can be transformed into a party with our glass drink dispenser to serve refreshing beverages to guests.

Home Decor

Beauty and purpose are combined with Are Naturals recycled glass candle sticks and uniquely crafted cast iron or recycled metal candle holders. Whimsical decorative figures, throw pillows, and functional wall hooks and recycled glass bottles add a touch of charm wherever they are placed in the new home. A recycled glass lamp is sure to brighten any corner or favorite sitting spot.

House Warming Gifts for the Bedroom

While it is important to have a beautifully furnished kitchen or living room, the bedroom should also considered when it comes to house warming gift ideas. Sheets, duvets, and blankets all make excellent housewarming gifts. Are Naturals carries an assortment of Eco-friendly bedding and bedding accessories, perfect for any size and style of bed, as well as bedroom décor.

Nothing is more comforting than a soft, cozy blanket. Made from all-natural materials such as organic cotton, ultra-soft bamboo, and natural wool, our blankets are an excellent addition to any bedroom.

Housewarming Gifts for the Bathroom

Comfort in the bath is also an equally important part of the home. Anyone would love plush, absorbent towels, wash cloths, and bath mats. Are Naturals has an excellent collection of bath towels, bath sheets, wash cloths, bath mats, and shower curtains made from all-natural, organic materials that are not only Eco-friendly, but also easy to care for.

Are Naturals carries beautifully designed bath towels and bath accessories, including recycled glass soap dishes and refillable soap dispensers that will make lovely additions to any new bathroom. We also offer organic and natural bath products individually sold, or in a beautifully packaged gift set.

Green Gift Cards

Can’t decide what to give the new home owner? How about one of our Eco-friendly gift cards? These biodegradable cards arrive in an earth-friendly envelope and can be personalized with your well wishes. Are Naturals also offers gift baskets in a variety of combinations that make excellent house warming gifts.

Housewarming Gifts at Are Naturals

No matter what you have in mind for a green house warming gift, Are Naturals’ gift guide can help you choose the perfect gift for anyone. At Are Naturals, we believe in making our customers’ gift shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Since we offer only premium green, Eco-friendly products, we have something for anyone and any home.

Our Top 5 Artisan Made Products

Artisan made products are some of the greenest, and most sought after products available. Artisans pride themselves on creating one-of-a-kind products that lend a unique and hand-made quality that is not seen in everyday mass produced products.  At Are Naturals we support Artisans and their works by providing them a platform to share their products with you.  In this article we will share some of our most popular Artisan made products; our top 5.

1.    Mom-to-Be Gift Box

Crafted by hand, and with all natural ingredients, this gift box includes everything one would need to pamper themselves or a mom. Everything from the handmade soaps to the hand painted boxes gives this gift a unique blend of nature, hand-made details, and personal care.

2.    Flower Measuring Spoons

These hand-cast measuring spoons offer a little something special to your kitchen drawer. Each spoon is hand detailed with flowers and is topped with a copper ring. Completely food safe and lead-free.

3.    Recycled Glass Tilted Decanter w/ Ice Pocket

Handmade in Colombia, this tilted decanter is unique all on its own, but because each piece is hand-blown by Colombian artisans, each piece offers a unique style for every owner.  Made from recycled glass.

4.    Bay Leaf Wreath

This fresh wreath is hand-made from organic farm fresh bay leaves. Each leaf if carefully crafted to make a swirl of edible wreaths that can be used all throughout the year. These wreaths are a unique and green gift that is one of our most popular gifts during the holiday season.

5.    Laurel Cheese Board

Handcrafted using solid maple, this cheese board is engraved with a unique laurel design that lends a delightful display when serving cheeses or breads. Featuring a smoothed surface and blonde color blends that can only be created by hand.

Giraffe Paper Towel Holder


Whoever thought a paper towel holder could be a work of art! With it’s long stretching neck, this rustic cast iron giraffe does not just hide under the cabinets like most paper towel holders. The giraffe will keep your paper towels and bath tissue handy and whimsically displayed. These giraffes are at home in any kitchen or bathroom. Say goodbye to boring bath tissue and paper towel holders and welcome home the giraffe.

  • Giraffe can house standard toilet paper rolls or rolls of paper towels.
  • Display in your kitchen, bathroom, or living area.

What is Fair Trade?

Trade that meets the requirements of particular criteria, such as fair payment to workers for the production of goods; often in combination of ethical and environmental considerations.


  • Made from recycled metal / Cast Iron
  • Learn More about Recycled Metal

Care Instructions

  • Lightly dust using a soft cloth
5 Giraffe Paper Towel Holder
I purchased one of these giraffes for a friend and another for myself. It is so cute and everyone that goes into my bathroom always asks where I got it. I think all of my friends have one in their kitchen or bathroom now!
Reviewed by: Lea from California. on 6/2/2012
5 Adorable
I purchased this Giraffe Paper Towel Holder as a gift for my daughter and put it in her bathroom to hold tissue. She absolutely loves animals, especially giraffes and loved this gift. The neck hold about 2 rolls of tissue.
Reviewed by: Rose from Nashville, TN. on 10/20/2011
5 Unique
I love my giraffe! It works great in my half bath holding tissue rolls plus it is amazing conversation starter. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Susan from Pennsylvania. on 1/31/2011

How to Green Your Bathroom

Not sure how to make your home green? Living green doesn’t require an extreme home makeover. Just by changing how you eat, shop, clean, and purchase household goods, you can easily make your home greener.

One of the easiest ways to green your home is to purchase and use earth friendly cleaning items and household products that contain all-natural or organic materials. By simply taking a little extra time when you shop to look for green products, you can green your home in no time. There are numerous places to shop for green, Eco-friendly, all-natural or organic products for your home.

Bath Soap and Soaks

Many personal product manufacturers are now offering items that contain only natural or organic ingredients that produce less toxic chemicals that drain off into our water supply. Are Naturals has an excellent line of all-natural, organic soaps, bath salts, and soaks that are not only good for your body, but Eco-friendly as well. These spa-inspired products make cleansing a naturally soothing experience.

Bath Linens

When it comes to your bath linens and accessories, organic cotton and bamboo are the Eco-friendly materials of choice for towels. Not only is the production of these materials better for the environment, but the materials themselves last longer than synthetic materials. Are Naturals carries a complete line of organic cotton towels. These ultra-plush, super-absorbent towels are available in several different weaves, colors, and designs.

Eco-Friendly Bath Towels

Towels made from bamboo viscose fibers have a high absorbency. Bamboo viscose towels dry quickly, and also have a natural antibacterial factor, minimizing germ retention.

In addition, bath mats made from organic cotton or bamboo viscose are more absorbent, and wash and dry as easily as a towel or mat.  The luxurious plushness keeps your feet dry when stepping out of the shower or tub.

Eco-Friendly Shower Curtains

Natural fiber shower curtains made from organic cotton and hemp are not only healthier because they do not give off toxic fumes like synthetic shower curtains, but they also resist mold and mildew. By squeezing out excess water after showering, or laundering it at least once a month, you can keep your organic fiber shower curtain or hemp shower curtain clean and mold-free.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Accessories

Put the finishing touches on your green bathroom with our Eco-friendly, recycled glass bathroom accessories. Are Naturals beautiful earth friendly bath accessories are useful and will easily fit any style or décor. Made from recycled glass, our wide selection of refillable soap dispensers, toothbrush caddies, soap dishes and glass drinking bottles will make your bathroom much more earth friendly and stylish. With Are Naturals Eco-friendly bath accessories, you can keep your bathroom bright, clean, and green.

Eco-Friendly Robes and Slippers

After a quick shower or soothing soak in the tub, there is no better way to continue your comfort than by wrapping yourself in a luxurious organic robe and slipping into a pair of ultra-plush slippers.  Bamboo, organic cotton, linen, or a blend of each, our robes are styled to make you feel as if you’ve spent time at the most relaxing spa. Our plush, organic cotton slippers will keep your feet comfortable and cozy, and are easy to slip on and off.

Find Eco-Friendly Products at Are Naturals

By greening your bathroom, you can keep your family healthy, and the environment clean and toxin-free. Are Naturals offers only the finest, highest quality bath products designed to make any bathroom an Eco-friendly, soothing place for all to enjoy. Let Are Naturals help you green your bathroom and home.

The Benefits of Hemp Shower Curtains

Hemp shower curtains are beautiful, soft and healthy and it is for this reason that they are known to give homeowners a fantastic Eco friendly alternative to other types of shower curtains that may be less green. Hemp shower curtains are designed using natural materials and for this reason, they do not emit toxic chemicals which might harm your health and contribute to air pollution indoors.

Hemp shower curtains are safely bleached using hydrogen peroxide which is known for it’s environmental friendly attributes. Hemp promises to deliver the best and longest service possible.

Why Choose Hemp Shower Curtains

Hemp shower curtains offer you benefits that surpass other shower curtains that may be considered less Eco friendly in comparison. The following are just some of the benefits that hemp shower curtains have to offer.

  • With hemp shower curtains, water spraying is kept at a minimal amount, even without the use of plastic liners.
  • Though the curtain gets wet, it does not leak through.
  • For the purpose of preventing mold, it air dries at a considerably rapid rate.
    The natural hemp material used in designing shower curtains does is processed without usage of dyes, finishes and chlorine bleach.
  • Hemp shower curtains do not emit chemicals during a hot or steamy shower into your bathroom, or into the environment.

By choosing a hemp shower curtain, you are announcing your dedication to the maintenance of a safe environment for future generations and you will not be disappointed by what hemp shower curtains have to offer. They are dedicated towards reduction of plastics and chemicals during the reproduction process, reduction of landfills during post consumer phases and support of the environment in general.

Hemp is also one of the best ways of providing an alternative to conventional fibers and cotton. The eco friendly benefit offered by this curtain is one that cannot be overly stated. This is clearly noted by the fact that manufactures take time to hand design each curtain and thus, ensure that consumers get the best hemp shower curtain available.

With Hemp Shower Curtains, you are also saved from the nuances of having to deal with a billowing curtain that tends to come towards the shower spray. While reducing landfill mess in an eco friendly manner, you also get the promise of beautifying your home and giving it a distinct look that uniquely defines your character and personality. More importantly, hemp shower curtains can be machine washed and this means that the process of taking care of your shower curtain is eased by half.

In a nutshell the major benefits of investing in a Hemp shower curtain can be highlighted as follows.

  • Hemp is a durable and strong natural fabric and is considered to be one of the most eco friendly fabrics available.
  • Hemp shower curtains have the ability to maintain its shape. This means that it will not become distorted or stretch with use as is common with other materials.
    It is resistant to UV light as well as mold.
  • The fibers of Hemp are able to absorb and at the same time, channel water at a better rate compared to cotton.
  • Hemp Shower Curtains is also porous and for this reason, it breathes easily an aspect that also ensures it dries as quickly.
  • When it is well taken care of, it can last a long duration and this further increases its appeal.
  • Hemp is a plant that grows fast and it produces high fiber per acre compared to other crops.

By choosing Hemp shower curtains, you will not only beautify your bathroom but also turn it into an environment friendly area.

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