Our Top 5 Artisan Made Products

Artisan made products are some of the greenest, and most sought after products available. Artisans pride themselves on creating one-of-a-kind products that lend a unique and hand-made quality that is not seen in everyday mass produced products.  At Are Naturals we support Artisans and their works by providing them a platform to share their products with you.  In this article we will share some of our most popular Artisan made products; our top 5.

1.    Mom-to-Be Gift Box

Crafted by hand, and with all natural ingredients, this gift box includes everything one would need to pamper themselves or a mom. Everything from the handmade soaps to the hand painted boxes gives this gift a unique blend of nature, hand-made details, and personal care.

2.    Flower Measuring Spoons

These hand-cast measuring spoons offer a little something special to your kitchen drawer. Each spoon is hand detailed with flowers and is topped with a copper ring. Completely food safe and lead-free.

3.    Recycled Glass Tilted Decanter w/ Ice Pocket

Handmade in Colombia, this tilted decanter is unique all on its own, but because each piece is hand-blown by Colombian artisans, each piece offers a unique style for every owner.  Made from recycled glass.

4.    Bay Leaf Wreath

This fresh wreath is hand-made from organic farm fresh bay leaves. Each leaf if carefully crafted to make a swirl of edible wreaths that can be used all throughout the year. These wreaths are a unique and green gift that is one of our most popular gifts during the holiday season.

5.    Laurel Cheese Board

Handcrafted using solid maple, this cheese board is engraved with a unique laurel design that lends a delightful display when serving cheeses or breads. Featuring a smoothed surface and blonde color blends that can only be created by hand.