Popular House Warming Gifts

Whether it’s a gift for the newlyweds’ first home, a college student’s first apartment, or someone moving into their first home or their tenth home, Are Naturals makes it easy to find a green house warming gift. We have everything from kitchen accessories to bed and bath linens, and Eco-friendly decorative items to brighten any room in the home.

Here at Are Naturals we have been providing our valued customers with the finest selections of Eco-friendly home products and gifts since 2006.

DIY Housewarming Basket: How to Create The Perfect Housewarming Gift

House Warming Gifts for the Kitchen

Are Naturals has products for the kitchen made from 100% recycled glass, natural fiber materials, lead-free pewter, zinc and cast iron. From measuring spoons to paper towel holders, and decorative wall hooks to dishware, we have something for any style kitchen. For storage of dried foods, pasta, and similar items, a recycled glass container is a perfect solution. A bottle/ glass dryer is both a decorative and functional kitchen accessory. A creatively sculptured paper towel holder is sure to become a conversation piece. Natural finish wooden cooking utensils, mixing bowls, jam pots, and butter dishes are welcome house warming gifts for any new home owner.

Entertaining & Dining House Warming Gifts

Serving a favorite vintage wine has never been easier than with a recycled glass wine decanter. Beautiful and functional, stoneware items are always popular house warming gifts. Are Naturals has three design lines of durable, hand-crafted, high-quality stoneware that are dishwasher and microwave safe. Our durable stoneware will make a beautiful addition to any table or kitchen. Uniquely crafted recycled glass dishes and beverage sets will add elegance to any dining setting.

Outdoor & Garden House Warming Gift Ideas

Finding outdoor gift ideas for the home is easy with Are Naturals’ collection of recycled glass bird feeders, decorative wall hangings, wind chimes, and sturdy wooden bowls and platters for al fresco dining. Outdoor dining can be transformed into a party with our glass drink dispenser to serve refreshing beverages to guests.

Home Decor

Beauty and purpose are combined with Are Naturals recycled glass candle sticks and uniquely crafted cast iron or recycled metal candle holders. Whimsical decorative figures, throw pillows, and functional wall hooks and recycled glass bottles add a touch of charm wherever they are placed in the new home. A recycled glass lamp is sure to brighten any corner or favorite sitting spot.

House Warming Gifts for the Bedroom

While it is important to have a beautifully furnished kitchen or living room, the bedroom should also https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/housewarmingbe considered when it comes to house warming gift ideas. Sheets, duvets, and blankets all make excellent housewarming gifts. Are Naturals carries an assortment of Eco-friendly bedding and bedding accessories, perfect for any size and style of bed, as well as bedroom décor.

Nothing is more comforting than a soft, cozy blanket. Made from all-natural materials such as organic cotton, ultra-soft bamboo, and natural wool, our blankets are an excellent addition to any bedroom.

Housewarming Gifts for the Bathroom

Comfort in the bath is also an equally important part of the home. Anyone would love plush, absorbent towels, wash cloths, and bath mats. Are Naturals has an excellent collection of bath towels, bath sheets, wash cloths, bath mats, and shower curtains made from all-natural, organic materials that are not only Eco-friendly, but also easy to care for.

Are Naturals carries beautifully designed bath towels and bath accessories, including recycled glass soap dishes and refillable soap dispensers that will make lovely additions to any new bathroom. We also offer organic and natural bath products individually sold, or in a beautifully packaged gift set.

Green Gift Cards

Can’t decide what to give the new home owner? How about one of our Eco-friendly gift cards? These biodegradable cards arrive in an earth-friendly envelope and can be personalized with your well wishes. Are Naturals also offers gift baskets in a variety of combinations that make excellent house warming gifts.

Housewarming Gifts at Are Naturals

No matter what you have in mind for a green house warming gift, Are Naturals’ gift guide can help you choose the perfect gift for anyone. At Are Naturals, we believe in making our customers’ gift shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Since we offer only premium green, Eco-friendly products, we have something for anyone and any home.