How to Green Your Bathroom

Not sure how to make your home green? Living green doesn’t require an extreme home makeover. Just by changing how you eat, shop, clean, and purchase household goods, you can easily make your home greener.

One of the easiest ways to green your home is to purchase and use earth friendly cleaning items and household products that contain all-natural or organic materials. By simply taking a little extra time when you shop to look for green products, you can green your home in no time. There are numerous places to shop for green, Eco-friendly, all-natural or organic products for your home.

Bath Soap and Soaks

Many personal product manufacturers are now offering items that contain only natural or organic ingredients that produce less toxic chemicals that drain off into our water supply. Are Naturals has an excellent line of all-natural, organic soaps, bath salts, and soaks that are not only good for your body, but Eco-friendly as well. These spa-inspired products make cleansing a naturally soothing experience.

Bath Linens

When it comes to your bath linens and accessories, organic cotton and bamboo are the Eco-friendly materials of choice for towels. Not only is the production of these materials better for the environment, but the materials themselves last longer than synthetic materials. Are Naturals carries a complete line of organic cotton towels. These ultra-plush, super-absorbent towels are available in several different weaves, colors, and designs.

Eco-Friendly Bath Towels

Towels made from bamboo viscose fibers have a high absorbency. Bamboo viscose towels dry quickly, and also have a natural antibacterial factor, minimizing germ retention.

In addition, bath mats made from organic cotton or bamboo viscose are more absorbent, and wash and dry as easily as a towel or mat.  The luxurious plushness keeps your feet dry when stepping out of the shower or tub.

Eco-Friendly Shower Curtains

Natural fiber shower curtains made from organic cotton and hemp are not only healthier because they do not give off toxic fumes like synthetic shower curtains, but they also resist mold and mildew. By squeezing out excess water after showering, or laundering it at least once a month, you can keep your organic fiber shower curtain or hemp shower curtain clean and mold-free.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Accessories

Put the finishing touches on your green bathroom with our Eco-friendly, recycled glass bathroom accessories. Are Naturals beautiful earth friendly bath accessories are useful and will easily fit any style or décor. Made from recycled glass, our wide selection of refillable soap dispensers, toothbrush caddies, soap dishes and glass drinking bottles will make your bathroom much more earth friendly and stylish. With Are Naturals Eco-friendly bath accessories, you can keep your bathroom bright, clean, and green.

Eco-Friendly Robes and Slippers

After a quick shower or soothing soak in the tub, there is no better way to continue your comfort than by wrapping yourself in a luxurious organic robe and slipping into a pair of ultra-plush slippers.  Bamboo, organic cotton, linen, or a blend of each, our robes are styled to make you feel as if you’ve spent time at the most relaxing spa. Our plush, organic cotton slippers will keep your feet comfortable and cozy, and are easy to slip on and off.

Find Eco-Friendly Products at Are Naturals

By greening your bathroom, you can keep your family healthy, and the environment clean and toxin-free. Are Naturals offers only the finest, highest quality bath products designed to make any bathroom an Eco-friendly, soothing place for all to enjoy. Let Are Naturals help you green your bathroom and home.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Bath

Spring time is underway. The sound of birds and the refreshing scents of flowers and blooming trees are putting smiles on the faces of everyone who has been suffering from cabin fever. I for one cannot wait until this chilly weather is a thing of the past, and I can enjoy the sunny disposition of what spring has to offer.

Once spring has arrived, I like many people, prepare for my annual “spring cleaning”, refreshing my home for the upcoming months.  Every year, I wash everything that has developed into one large moth ball, clean closets, cabinets and bathrooms.  And like every year before, I realize how disorganized I am, and how much I want to give my home a fresh new look.  After reality sets in and I realize I cannot just throw everything away and start over, I like most, I try to look for inventive ways that I can freshen up my home’s look without breaking the bank.

Starting in the Bathroom….

All too often, I am nervously biting my fingernails when a guest excuses themselves to freshen up in my bathroom. Is there soap? Is there a clean hand towel? Is there toilet paper? I know they are judging my bathroom!

If you’re like my husband, you generally throw your dirty clothes into whatever will hold 10 loads of laundry without collapsing, with most landing in the floor. And if you’re like me, keeping dirty clothes in an attractive hamper is an organizational priority. I generally keep hampers in various spaces like the bathroom to ensure that my family has no excuse, and guests are not exposed, instead they are oblivious to our laundry dilemmas.

Once I have gotten the laundry off of the floor, it’s time to begin the transformation of the bathroom.

There are simple changes that will keep your bathroom not only organized, and attractive, but also inviting. From the soap, to the towel, refreshing your bathroom is a great start to your annual “spring cleaning”.


Soap is essential to every bathroom experience. You need it to wash your hands, this is a given, and can make or break your bathroom..okay maybe not, but it is essential. Being the accommodating girl I am, I offer two soaps, both of which are Eco-friendly.

Can a Bar of Soap Transmit Infection? - The New York Times

First is the liquid soap. Offering guests a clumsy plastic bottle of soap is not the most attractive, nor is it the most environmentally friendly choice. Using a clear recycled glass soap dispenser and coordinating the soap colors is a simple way to keep things cohesive. When you change the look of your bathroom next spring, you will have the option to simply change soap colors to coordinate with next year’s colors. For those who prefer bar soaps, re-purposing a decorative bowl and offering a selection of natural ingredient soaps are ideal.


The towel?  After guests have finished washing their hands with your lovely soap, they will need a towel. The towel is definitely important, as it should be soft, fluffy…clean, and if you are feeling adventurous, even decorative.  Are Naturals offers a luxurious selection of organic cotton towels and Turkish organic cotton towels that are available in a variety of textures and styles that lend sophistication to any bathroom.

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Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can add additional style to a bathroom.   Especially during a spring cleaning, you may realize that your shower curtain is stained with mold, and has lost its style or shape.  If you are using a plastic shower liner, this may be especially true for you. And knowing what we know about the harmful impacts on health, home and the environment, switching from a plastic shower curtain or liner to an organic cotton shower curtain or hemp shower curtain may be a necessity.

Lovely Cat Printing Shower Curtain Polyester Waterproof Cloth Shower Curtains Bathroom Curtain Bathing Curtain Bath Room Curtain|Shower Curtains| - AliExpress

Organic shower curtains, hemp shower curtains, and even organic cotton/linen blend shower curtains offer a clean, fresh, and attractive element to any bathroom. With most shower curtains pulled to cover the tub or shower, a shower curtain could be one of the most visual aspects to a bathroom, making it one of your best choices to alter your bathroom’s look.

Coordinating colors and styles are especially ideal. I have found keeping things simple makes for the most spa-like bathroom.  Choosing colors and patterns that are easily interchangeable will also save you money as you continue to change your bathroom style.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to transform your bathroom into a spa inspired paradise that is not only welcoming to you and your family, but to your guests.  So put away your goggles and sledgehammer, there is no need to demo your bathroom, you can simply make a few small changes to make a big difference.