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I never used to think of my shower curtain as a health and environmental problem until I learned some alarming information about PVC and VOCs. My shower curtain was toxic! What made it so toxic?
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Well, let’s start at the beginning. Remember that smell when you opened the brand new plastic shower curtain or liner? It is the same smell that immediately brings back memories of blowing up beach balls and life rafts for the pool. Well, what you smell is polyvinyl chloride plastic otherwise known as PVC.
PVC—the same stuff that is used for plumbing—emits harmful chemicals called volatile organic chemicals or VOCs. But it’s middle name is organic! That’s healthy right? Wrong.
Some natural chemicals are harmful to our bodies, affecting us in ways that we don’t always see or even think about. VOCs can cause serious health problems. Here are just a few: damage to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord,) nosebleeds, skin rashes, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.
VOCs have become such an issue that the Center for Health, Environment and Justice did a study on exactly how many toxins (VOCs) were released into the air.
I was shocked when I read that 108 toxins were released from PVC over a period of 28 days. And for a real shocker, that statistic was without the heat and moisture of a bathroom. Researchers believe that heat would actually cause even more volatile organic chemicals to leak into the air. You can read about the dangers of PVC on their website at here.
Thankfully for you and I—there is a solution! PVC-free completely organic shower curtains. My favorite is our hemp shower curtain, made from the same tough, naturally mildew resistant fibers used in ships’ sails for hundreds of years. Ours is woven so tightly water runs off like the old PVC stuff but the natural mildew resistance allows it to dry better.
Cleaning is a breeze since it can be thrown right in the washing machine. Check it out here,  or see all our organic cotton shower curtains here. And have a relaxing, healthy shower.

The Benefits of Hemp Shower Curtains

Hemp shower curtains are beautiful, soft and healthy and it is for this reason that they are known to give homeowners a fantastic Eco friendly alternative to other types of shower curtains that may be less green. Hemp shower curtains are designed using natural materials and for this reason, they do not emit toxic chemicals which might harm your health and contribute to air pollution indoors.

Hemp shower curtains are safely bleached using hydrogen peroxide which is known for it’s environmental friendly attributes. Hemp promises to deliver the best and longest service possible.

Why Choose Hemp Shower Curtains

Hemp shower curtains offer you benefits that surpass other shower curtains that may be considered less Eco friendly in comparison. The following are just some of the benefits that hemp shower curtains have to offer.

  • With hemp shower curtains, water spraying is kept at a minimal amount, even without the use of plastic liners.
  • Though the curtain gets wet, it does not leak through.
  • For the purpose of preventing mold, it air dries at a considerably rapid rate.
    The natural hemp material used in designing shower curtains does is processed without usage of dyes, finishes and chlorine bleach.
  • Hemp shower curtains do not emit chemicals during a hot or steamy shower into your bathroom, or into the environment.

By choosing a hemp shower curtain, you are announcing your dedication to the maintenance of a safe environment for future generations and you will not be disappointed by what hemp shower curtains have to offer. They are dedicated towards reduction of plastics and chemicals during the reproduction process, reduction of landfills during post consumer phases and support of the environment in general.

Hemp is also one of the best ways of providing an alternative to conventional fibers and cotton. The eco friendly benefit offered by this curtain is one that cannot be overly stated. This is clearly noted by the fact that manufactures take time to hand design each curtain and thus, ensure that consumers get the best hemp shower curtain available.

With Hemp Shower Curtains, you are also saved from the nuances of having to deal with a billowing curtain that tends to come towards the shower spray. While reducing landfill mess in an eco friendly manner, you also get the promise of beautifying your home and giving it a distinct look that uniquely defines your character and personality. More importantly, hemp shower curtains can be machine washed and this means that the process of taking care of your shower curtain is eased by half.

In a nutshell the major benefits of investing in a Hemp shower curtain can be highlighted as follows.

  • Hemp is a durable and strong natural fabric and is considered to be one of the most eco friendly fabrics available.
  • Hemp shower curtains have the ability to maintain its shape. This means that it will not become distorted or stretch with use as is common with other materials.
    It is resistant to UV light as well as mold.
  • The fibers of Hemp are able to absorb and at the same time, channel water at a better rate compared to cotton.
  • Hemp Shower Curtains is also porous and for this reason, it breathes easily an aspect that also ensures it dries as quickly.
  • When it is well taken care of, it can last a long duration and this further increases its appeal.
  • Hemp is a plant that grows fast and it produces high fiber per acre compared to other crops.

By choosing Hemp shower curtains, you will not only beautify your bathroom but also turn it into an environment friendly area.