In the Mood for Lighting?

In the Mood for Lighting?

Candles can set the mood for many occasions. Many people identify candles with setting a romantic mood, or creating aromas, or blowing them out on your birthday, all of which are fairly legitimate reasons to break out the candles, but finding the right housing for your candle can set a mood all on its own.

The choices are generally pillar candles, taper candles and then you have the specialty candle, tea light candles or maybe even a floating candle. Many will head for the drawer of candles when a special occasion arises, and then begin the search for a candle holder, either coming up short or pulling out mom’s overly dramatic crystal candle holders from 1980. Obviously, this just will not do when you are simply wanting to make dinner a special occasion, especially when mom’s candle sticks are blocking your view to the mash potatoes, and the lovely faces of your family.

So what do you do? You can either forgo the candles all together; sadly putting candles you have been storing for what seems like forever back into the drawer, or you can find candle holders that will make your occasion so spectacular that even Martha Stewart would be envious.

Pillar candle holders –

Pillar candles are some of the most versatile candles when it comes to decorating a coffee table, dining table or when entertaining outdoors. The typical pillar candle plate can be a little boring, but adding a bit of natural foliage, fruit, shells, runners and other decorative accents can liven up an ordinary pillar candle, transforming it into a centerpiece for your table. Another option is a pillar stake candle holder. These are some of the simplest holders to use when decorating, and are available in a variety of styles, including the ability to incorporate fruits and vegetables within the candle holder itself.

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Tea Light Candles –

The ever popular tea light candle can be used alone, or within virtually any small glass to create a glowing effect throughout the home or outdoors. However, votive holders can create a stunning housing for tea lights and with the right votive, tea lights can become a tasteful display for entertaining, fireplaces, and romantic settings. Glass, and recycled glass votives tend to be the ideal choice, as glass will reflect the most light. Zion Judaica Quality Tealight Candles Unscented Set of 120 - Stark White: Home & Kitchen

Taper Candles –

When it comes to taper candle holders, the choices are infinite. So how do you choose? Selecting a taper candle holder that is specific to your taste or cohesive to your theme may be your best bet. Unique holders bring interest to the table, and can create a tasteful and subtle theme that is not too overwhelming for your guests.

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I think it’s pretty clear that candles and their housing can to turn any occasion into a “special” occasion. But you are looking for candle holders that extraordinary? No problem, Are Naturals offers an Eco-friendly selection of candle holders made from a variety of materials like recycled glass, recycled metal and handmade candle holders that will become keepsakes your children will actually want to keep and use for years to come.

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