About Us

We provide our valued customers with the finest selections of Eco friendly and handmade products. Founded in 2006 we have expanded to offer hundreds of premium green products.

Family owned and operated, Are Naturals is dedicated to providing personal customer service, and is committed to offering each and every customer an excellent shopping experience, with a large selection of premum green products. Are Naturals understands that buying green does not have to be compromised by price or style, and that customers are seeking to find products that are healthy for their families and the environment.

We invite you to become part of the Are Naturals family, and discover a unique and eco-friendly collection of green gifts, home décor, organic bedding and linens, and other organic and healthy products for your home and family, all designed to comfort and delight. It is Are Naturals hope that you will find something that you and your family will love.

About Are Naturals Products

Are Naturals encourages green living by offering products that hold the highest of green standards. Are Naturals is in constant search of new green products that promote the values that our customers are seeking. When considering new products, each product must possess one or more of the following criteria:

Handmade – Are Naturals products that are deemed handmade are considered to be products that are made by hand, rather than a machine, and are crafted with special care and craftsmanship. Our handmade products can be made in the U.S.A by local artisans, or may be created by a small village who are creating products to support a cause or their own communities.

Recycled – Are Naturals offers a wide selection of recycled glass products, recycled metal products, and other recycled materials that have been used and then purposely reused to create the beautiful products such as recycled drinking glasses, recycled glass soap dispensers, recycled metal home décor, and other re-purposed products.

Natural – Natural simply signifies Are Naturals products that are derived from nature, and are free from artificiality. Our popular hemp shower curtains are a natural product based on its raw form and that is made from natural fabrics, and does not contain anything that may be considered artificial.

Organic – Are Naturals organic products are free from harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and finishing agents that are harmful to you and the environment. Organic products are simple, healthful, and are closer to nature than its non-organic counterparts. Organic fabrics are available in organic cotton, organic bamboo, and even organic hemp and linen. Are Naturals offers only the finest selection of organic bath linens, bedding, robes and apparel. Our organic fruit, as included with our organic fruit gift baskets are free from pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

Fairly traded- Products that are “fair trade” are products that created through ethical means, whether it is fair payment or the fair and ethical treatment of workers. Products that are deemed fairly traded often regard other social and environmental considerations during the production of fair trade products.

Are Naturals values their customers, and offers exceptional customer support and satisfaction. Our no hassle return policy and lowered shipping rates have been designed to cater to our customers and their shopping experience, making it simple to shop with us here at arenaturals.com. We love hearing from our customers, and welcome you to contact us with any questions, comments, or inquires, and we will be happy to help.